Admissions Procedure

We want to make our admissions procedure as smooth as possible therefore; we have detailed a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

1. Send an email to to request an initial meeting with our Head Teacher, Mrs Mary Okenwa to register your interest in the school.

2. Once a meeting date and time has been established, please fill out the initial entry form New Pupil Information and bring this with you to the meeting.

3. AFTER we have mutually decided that KKCS will be the right place for your child/children, please proceed to fill out the remaining forms Nos. 2-7. Forms 8-10 are for you information and detail the price list for our school fees, uniforms and extracurricular activities. Form 8 is our Terms and Conditions and Form 10 is our School Rules.

Click the links below to view PDFs.
1. New Pupil Information
2. Application Form
3. Pupil Record Form
4. Pupil Acceptance Form
5. Parental Agreement
6. Medical Form
7. Price List
8. Terms and Conditions
9. Home School Agreement
10. School Rules

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